Monday, June 27, 2011

Where are they? L.A. (GOING HOME)!

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Coordinator Goodbye!!

After 15 wonderful days, the trip is over…

The trip was really great. I would like to thank a lot our coordination! Sarah: you were great! I also want to thank our LOVELY chaperones Bill and Al: thank you again for all the support. Our team was fantastic!

Also...the students!! Thank you all, I will really miss this trip and you...

Best Regards all, I hope you liked the blog and see you at the next adventure!!

Débora Labarrère
Trip Coordinator
Terra North America

Last Post! :(

The last day of our west coast journey was started with a two hour bus ride to Long Beach in Los Angeles. After, we had another fulfilling lunch at Sizzlers where it once again was all you can eat buffet. When we were done with the feast we continued to the last stop on our trip, which was a shopping mall. I think everyone was excited to spend their last money. When we were done with the money spending we went to our hotel, the same that we started out at. So here we sit our last night in Los Angeles, some ready to go “home” others just wanting to have a few more days, having fun with all the exchange students. So it is with sadness that I write the last word on our 2011 west coast trip BUS 1 blog!! I know that we all had a trip that we hopefully never will forget :)

Goodbye, Au revoir, Adios, Totsiens, Tchau, Ciao, Auf Wiedersehen, Farvel . . .

P.S. That’s what SHE said

Saturday, June 25, 2011

San Diego!

Our day started off in San Diego at USS Midway Museum. We were fortunate enough to be blessed with good weather and the sun kissed our backs as we stepped aboard the historical aircraft carrier that was used in the Korean War. Those exchange students who had interest in ships and airplanes thoroughly enjoyed this uniquely interesting experience. We got to explore the carrier’s inner workings and marvel at the classic aircraft on display. However, the other exchange students who consider themselves to be “normal” still had an opportunity to have fun. They enjoyed the simulation rides that were also aboard the carrier. Our next “port of call” was Home Town Buffet for a lunch that was irresistible and we found it difficult to maintain our trim waist lines. Lunch was followed by a world class treat, San Diego Zoo. Here we were left to explore the zoo in small groups. It was here that the weather was greatly appreciated as we spent this part of the day outside viewing the exotic animals the park had to offer and taking advantage of the zoo tours. We pulled into the parking lot of our hotel after dinner with tired faces and as we rest our heads not one of us will forget the sunny day we spent in San Diego.

Kerry Hawkins and Katja Juul
South Africa and Denmark

Friday, June 24, 2011

San Diego - News from the Coordinator!

Dear parents and friends,

How are you??

Here everything is really perfect! The pictures and reports on the blog tell all about it.

We arrived today at San Diego, and we had our expected TALENT SHOW: it was a total SUCCESS!! We had more than 10 presentations, with lots of cultural songs and dances, and of course, lots of jokes too!!

Tomorrow we will visit the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum and the world-acclaimed San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park: everybody is excited about it!!

I Hope that you like the blog and pictures!!

All the best,

Débora Labarrère

Where are they? Going to SAN DIEGO

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Carol - BRAZIL!! - Grand Canyon

Carolina Castro

My host mum told me one day a story about her mum driving all the way from Michigan to Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon by herself, I thought that was crazy, because it is a loooong drive and she was by herself, although today I completely understood why she did it. We visited this amazing place and I got to tell you, it is so unbelievable, when I saw for the first time, I thought `` nope, this is a painting or a picture``, it is like it is not real; it is sooo huge and beautiful, and all the rocks and different colors they have, just splendid.
We started our adventure going down the Grand Canyon, there is a trail that goes all the way down, but they do not recommend you to go because the way up is too tiring, so you would not make it, and honestly, I completely know what they are talking about, we went 20 minutes down the Canyon, and of course, you got to be careful because it is steep and slippery, the way down was quite easy compared to the way up, it is so tiring, I stopped more than once to breathe, but is totally worth it, because the view takes your breath away.
The day was really good and tiring, tomorrow we heading to San Diego and we having a talent show, I am really looking forward to it.
Thanks for reading, byeee :)